Our first official beach practice

So...first and foremost...my team is officially HAMS. Hahaha. Classic. Here is a video blog from our first official beach practice. And for most it was their first time practicing on the beach...FUN!! video


Foo Foo night

So, an 80's night event is always a good way to remember WHY you are happy that you no longer live in that decade....the make-up, the hairspray, the colors...hahaha...here is the video I put together for my big sister's junior high youth group... video


Indy's Back!!

So I saw this yahoo movie clip and got chills....YES CHILLS! I am a Indiana Jones fan to the "T"!!


2 new D4K clinic videos :)

Eric and Albert giving some passing tips at a recent D4K boy's clinic at Carson HS...

Albert giving some setting footwork tips...


Fave Superbowl Ad's

First and foremost...congrats to the NY Giants!! And I am pumped to see the Manning Bros BOTH Superbowl Champs!!

Some of my fave ad's this year were:

Justin Timberlake/Pepsi
Pepsi Stuff: Justin Timberlake - Pepsi-Cola

Naomi Campbell, the Lizards, and Thriller
Sobe Life Water: Thriller - Pepsi-Cola

Budlight and Flying...(hahaha)
Flight - Bud Light

Budlight Clydesdale Training (so adorable)
Clydesdale Training - Budweiser