Our first official beach practice

So...first and foremost...my team is officially HAMS. Hahaha. Classic. Here is a video blog from our first official beach practice. And for most it was their first time practicing on the beach...FUN!!


Foo Foo night

So, an 80's night event is always a good way to remember WHY you are happy that you no longer live in that decade....the make-up, the hairspray, the colors...hahaha...here is the video I put together for my big sister's junior high youth group...


Indy's Back!!

So I saw this yahoo movie clip and got chills....YES CHILLS! I am a Indiana Jones fan to the "T"!!


2 new D4K clinic videos :)

Eric and Albert giving some passing tips at a recent D4K boy's clinic at Carson HS...

Albert giving some setting footwork tips...


Fave Superbowl Ad's

First and foremost...congrats to the NY Giants!! And I am pumped to see the Manning Bros BOTH Superbowl Champs!!

Some of my fave ad's this year were:

Justin Timberlake/Pepsi
Pepsi Stuff: Justin Timberlake - Pepsi-Cola

Naomi Campbell, the Lizards, and Thriller
Sobe Life Water: Thriller - Pepsi-Cola

Budlight and Flying...(hahaha)
Flight - Bud Light

Budlight Clydesdale Training (so adorable)
Clydesdale Training - Budweiser