Fave moments of 08

So besides the pic moments, here are a couple things I won't forget...

Probably the most amazing moment of my life (thus far): PEPPERING ON THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA

Other things that 08 was amazing for...

Concerts: Spice Girls and RUSH. VERY different, but both we classic. And for everyone who is a RUSH fan...go see them next time they are on tour...AMAZING.

Flying: I got to simulate flying for my belated bday...Ifly rocked!

My Golden Girls: I was blessed to have had to opportunity to coach the 08 12 Gold team this past year. They showed me the passion of loving a sport so much and also how to have fun...

My Family: With my mom and stepdad's 25th wedding anniversary and Rosa's 50th bday...tons of family was involved this year :)

My Friends: To both my old and new friends...thank you.

Fave Pic Memory of 2009

So this past year has been truly amazing...BUT one weekend definitely rocked my world. Literally! Haha. My weekend in NC was truly amazing. I wish I could live in those 3 days everyday. :).... From the fabulous hosts to our photographer...it was truly priceless.

Murder Mystery Madness

Other Weekend Pics


Fave Pic Moments of 2008 part 2

Here are my pics from the second half of the year...wow...the places I have been! CRAZY!!

Beijing Olympics

Cancun VBV

D4K Weekend in Orlando

Rosa's 50th Bday


My Belated Bday Present