My Belated Birthday Gift

So, this past Sunday, my sis Cheri arranged for a group of the family to take me to a surprise location for my bday. Well, it turned out to be the Broadway Smash, Wicked (or so I thought)! When we got to the historic Pantages theater, we were greeted by a line of people. Little did I know that we did not have tickets yet and that we were going to put our name into a "lottery" for $25 tickets. Did I mention that there were 7 of us and the only single tickets left on sale were the $202 & $250 tickets! Hahaha...so yea...we put our names into the lottery and waited. No one from our group was called so we ended up heading over to the Universal City Walk for dinner!

We ended up eating at Camachos (since Mexican is my fave food). Nothing like a typical family dinner that involves craziness right? Hahaha...then we ventured over to the I-Fly area. I-Fly is a simulated Sky Diving machine. And since they were offering half off their rates, Cheri, Silke, and me decided that we were going to do it! Oh yea...my first step to potentially sky diving (and for those who know me well, this is a HUGE first step since I hate flying).

The flying ended up being awesome! You really had to work on relaxing, arching your back, bending/straightening your legs, and keeping your head up. Hahaha. I was not the best at this (Cheri rocked and Silke was pretty impressive too), but at least I tried!! Thank you to everyone who came and paid for the event!! It was a night I won't forgot :)

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