Clips from the Surprise Baby Shower

So, here is the rest of the video from the 14 Mizuno surprise baby shower for Head Coach, Tina...so much fun

The Surprise

So, the 14 Mizuno team decided to throw a surprise baby shower for Head Coach, Tina. And let me tell you...it was awesome! Here is the video that captured some of the madness...sorry about the bobbing camera!! Hahaha

Paige and the Balloon

This video has to be one of my all time fave's....Paige and the balloon (at Tina's Surprise Baby shower)


Beach Babes at Regionals

So here is a movie I did from last weekend's regionals...I am so proud of these girls...

My personal fave...that I did not put in the video

So...Addy seriously said this...and no I did not coach her into saying it either!! Hehehe

Beach Babe Mania

Ok, so I so need to play catch up on my blog...between tweeting for D4K & myself, facebook, myspace, linked in, you tube....AYEEEEE!!! I promise to catch up Kris :)...

So first things first...here is a video I made a few weeks ago about the Beach Babes...they are so cute...more to come!