The recovery update....Mocha style

So last week was kinda a blur for me with all the driving between the Animal ER and my Vet's office. AND the lack of sleep I had when Mocha was home...

But...he is FINALLY doing better! Actually AMAZING! It has been a slow recovery and there is still some recovering left to do....BUT...God is good!

Galaxy vs. Chivas....

So I was lucky enough to be in town the weekend Chivas was playing the Galaxy for the Superliga match up! Chivas is an amazing futbol club out of Mexico and is always a blast to see! The game was held at the LA Coliseum (which by the way is no Home Depot Center) this past Saturday. Meg, Austin, and me were even luckier to sit in the VIP area in the stadium :)!

Despite the Chivas win (2-1), it was a good game to watch overall...not a blowout and there was no clearcut domination, which is always a plus! Of course most people could care less about which teams were playing, but rather if Beckham was playing. Of course he didn't due to an injury, but I did see him from a distance! Hahaha! Believe me, I think he is good looking BUT I REALLY wanted to see him in action out there with Landon!! Looks like I will have to go to another Galaxy game in the future...hehehe!


LBC ya

So last week's AVP stop in Long Beach was actually pretty decent. One, staying at home rocked and two, IT IS MY HOME TOWN!! The site where we were located ROCKED too! Every view was amazing and the weather was amazing! What more could you ask for? Oh...the vball rocked too!! Here are some pics from the weekend....

Here are two shots off of Ken Delgado's site...hehehe

My friend Julie. who came into town with her friend Brittany, ended up staying with me through this past Wed. So, I ended taking her to BNB, South Coast Plaza, and to a bonfire with my sister's youth group! Hehehe!


A rocky few days...but Mocha might be getting better

First of all, I will blog on the LB AVP a little bit later. The past 4 days have been some of the rockiest days every. My baby boy, Mocha, has been on medication for the past week and on Mon evening started collapsing while breathing out of control. So, we took him to the ER for the night. When I picked him up on Tues morning, they told me that they weren't too sure what was wrong, but that they thought he was having a toxic reaction to the intervectin he was taking. I took him straight to the vet from the ER and they kept him for the day. Once I picked him up from the vet, I took him home to see if we could handle him at home...BOY WAS I WRONG. I had to take him to the ER at
2am in the morning, after 2 hours of constant whining (which he rarely does) and uneasiness. In the morning I picked him up again and took him back to the vet. They decided to completely knock him out (so he would relax and sleep) this time. When I went to pick him up yesterday the main vet came out to talk to me about my options (being that the cost of these procedures had tallied up to over $2,000 as of yesterday afternoon). I never really thought of the option of putting him to sleep, but I was made aware that this was a BIG reality if he did not start improving. Now, I have been crying a ton these past couple of days, but after getting back into my car I completely lost it. So I took him back to the ER for the evening and headed home.

As of today, both the ER and Vet's have commented that he improving steadily and they are happy with his progress. When I go to pick him up we will decide if i can take him home again! Now, he is not out of the woods yet, but at least I don't want to keel over and ball...ya know?


More photos from Jen's Bday....

You know when you have so many photos from one event and then more get sent to you the next day?! Hahaha...good times! Seriously! Here are some more photos from Jen's bday night...from her camera of course!!


Time for a change!

So when I need a quick change in my life, the first thing I do is change my hair. So...I hacked my hair :)! And to be honest, I see myself and think I am back in college playing (since my hair was this short back in the playing days). Of course, this cut is more styled AND I died my hair last night to a dark chocolate brown. Anyways...this being one of the 3 weekends off this summer, I decided to make the best of it! First I headed out to my cousin's 15th bday party at my uncle's in Fontana. They rented that cool & huge water slide for the kids (but if anyone wants to rent one for a party...let me know...so cool). It was great to see a lot of my family (ie...grandparents, etc).

Then it was off to my friend Jen's bday bash in LA. We started at the grand re-opening of Sebastians in Toluca Lake. It was free drinks and appetizers all night. I brought my friend, Melody, with me to meet my LA friends :)....

Finally, on Sunday I met up with Melody and some of her friends for brunch at Schooner or Later. So we started at Schooner or Later, but ended up at Joe's...it was only a 2 hour wait for S or L....haha....good times!!