A Day of Pampering

So, everyone needs a day of relaxation every once in a while right? RIGHT! So, Me and MMT decided to head out to Glen Ivy Hot Springs in Corona (my first visit was on my 30th bday). This time I decided to get a stress reliever massage (WHICH I TOTALLY NEEDED AT THAT MOMENT AND DESERVED). AMAZING. It was a great day of pools, mud, relaxation, pampering, and bonding. Hopefully the pics from the ESPN camera will find their way to me soon...but until then...this will have to do!!


Deep in the Heart of Texas!

So the 2nd stop was in Dallas, Texas this past weekend. WOOHOO! And, for the record, the event was much better than Miami. BUT I still am going crazy :)...the best part of Texas was seeing a ton of friends I never get to see...like Ady, Misty, Kimberly, Chris, Nicole, Schmity, Ham, Pulliza, Ben, Thorn, and others. WE MISSED YOU YASSY! And the tour welcomed back Burdine (who went with me on an amazing ride at Six Flags....thanks Misty), which was awesome! Here are some pics from the event...

Dinner with Misty & Ady

Texas Rangers vs. Oakland A's

Six Flags Over Texas

Ghost Bar (Downtown Dallas)

On Site


South Beach, The Keys, and the first event in Miami....GRRRRR

So after Atlanta I headed down to South Florida to hang with on of my fave people...Yasmin aka Yassy! It was a great couple of days of vegging, working, and watching! From watching shows at the Theater of the Sea in the Keys to my "office space" in Key Largo to watching the Marlins with Misty, Yassy, and Butch and finally the Miami AVP stop...it definitely was a week/weekend of different emotions!

Here are some pics from the week & weekend!
The shows at the Theater of the Sea

My office!

Marlin Action

Speedo Party in South Beach


Hotlanta....err Coldlanta!

Hahaha...so when you think of the Dirty Dirty South...Hotlanta always come to mind...but what happens when the temp is below zero...IN APRIL!!! Good times is what happens!

So i took Ty Loomis, Anthony Medel, & Angela Lewis to do an AVP promotion at the Big South National Qualifier. Talk about a great crew! Plus, tons of friends recruited and coaches at this tournament...so we had a ton of fun!! Here are some classic pics from that weekend!