United 93

For all those who really think they know what happened with Flight 93 or 9/11 in general...U need to see this movie. It is amazing to see 9/11 from another view....to remember...Where were you on 9/11? What was your first reaction when you saw the World Trade Center on fire...or crashing into the ground? Did you know someone directly involved? What were the numbers and carriers of the planes that were involved. Did you know about the Chicago flights that were grounded that had people arrested off that plane? And the pictures from that day....a picture literally spoke a thousand words.

This movie really showed the courage of a group of traveler's, the confusion that happened that morning (I mean, who hijakes a plane, let alone 4, in the US), and the utter reality of what happened on the doomed flight. The passengers almost reclaimed the plane...they almost pulled it off...but we know how it ends.

I literally balled the last 5 minutes. It was amazing. Go see the movie...if not for yourself then go in rememberance of the Americans who lost their lives that fateful day. We will never forget....


Baltimore 2006

So Baltimore came and went and now I am off to Dallas to do promotions for the AVP! Good times! Here are some pics from last weekend....

Me and my cousins with the new additions! Thanks Kat for having everyone over!!!

And then it was awesome to see my coach in crime....Yasmin! And congrats to her for winning her whole division!

And this was my last time "officially" assisting my 16E team with Jason.

And here is my team...


Dinner in the mountains

So, can we just say I had one of those "only in southern california" moments again! Yesterday was an incrediable day. It started off with doing a beach clinic at Dockwieler beach (in front of my dad's office ironically). The weather and sceney were GORGEOUS! I wish I took pics! From there I jetted home and then back to my mom's to meet up with Cheri and a friend from from church. We headed up to Running Springs to meet my church group, the gathering, for dinner. It was so beuatiful up there! But, one thing is for sure...I AM A SO CAL GIRL AT HEART! I wore flipflops (not thinking) in the snow! Hahaha! Here are some great pics from this evening!

Ft. Lauderdale, part two....coming soon!


Ft. Lauderdale...part one

So this past weekend I traveled to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida for the first stop of the 2006 AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tour. Talk about WEIRD! Only two months ago I was stressed about what I was going to do...and now I am traveling with the hottest men and women, who happen to play the sport I love, on a surface I love....the BEACH! Anyways, here is a couple of pics from the clinic I helped put together....a big thanks to the Pro's for helping us out! It actually turned out to be a great experience for all. From Karch to Dane (Misty and Kerri's coach) to more than enough kids! Here is Dane talking to the group with Britney, Anthony, Cindy, and Albert (my court coaches) looking on.

The one and only Karch (with Larry Witt, his partner, looking on), along with Mike Rangel (Plyo City Director) watching.