It has been a while!

So I know I have been slacking on my posts...but yea...I really have no excuse! Between Santa Barbara and Huntington Beach Open my mind has been fried! I will be updating soon though! I promise! Ok, well off to Disneyland I go! Man, it seems like forever since I have been there!! But no Yo Ho's today though :(! Soon though...very soon!


A Long but Amazing week!!!

So my bad for not writing in a while! From Tempe to Chateau to this past weekend to tonights message...talk about a good week! First, let me say that Tempe was a ton of fun...even having very little sleep and it being EXTREMELY hot out there! I met some amazing people and watched my friends play some amazing vball...After the weekend I got to experience the "A-List" resturant in Hollywood...Chateau Marmont.

Jamie's friend (and bandmate) Carrie, who works there, got us reservations on Monday night. It was a great bonding experience with some amazing Christian women. From my closest friends to a new friend and half of the "sister sister" duo...it so totally rocked! Here are some photos from this evening...

This week just flew bye leading into a weekend off for me. YEA! It started with my Friday evening hanging with an old friend and going to see some even older friends (like HS friends who I had not seen in a LONG time). Sat started off with some of my good girlfriends at breakfast in Downtown LB at the Omlette Inn. I have not been able to see these wonderful women in a while and it was awesome just to see them!! In the afternoon I went over to Seth's new apartment to our Gathering BBQ. Then it was off to Diana's 30th bday party...80's style!!!

I dragged Amy along with me...talk about fun!

And I actually karoke'd! Yep!

I love to sing in my car (and those who truely know me...know this) but put a mike in front of me and I totally clam up! Amy and me sang "Take on Me" by A Ha. It was cool!

Then we move to the day at hand...Sunday, May 14th, Mother's Day. I have been blessed with an amazing mother, an irreplacable stepmom, and the best grandma ever! :)!

Which leads into the sermon from Resonate tonight..I need to get by my fears of being hurt by people. I need to believe that I am worth someone's friendship and companionship...All in god's time!


The AVP Crocs Party

So, not only do I now get to go to all the AVP events this year, BUT I get invited to the cool corporate parties! Add Hollywood and the Athletes into the mix and can we say YUMMY!!!! I asked my sis, Cheri to be my date...and thought it would be cool to ask Tia and Tamara Mowery (Sister, Sister) to come with us...and they did! And along with Tamera's boyfriend, Adam, who is a reporter for Fox News. Also, Andrew Keegan (10 Things I Hate About You), Missy Pyles (Galaxy Quest, Dodgeball), Omarosa, etc were there too...it rocked! Here are some pics from that night....


Dallas Baby!

I forgot to put these photos up from my trip to Dallas! Talk about a great, yet miserable trip! The friends and job were awesome, btw...and we will just leave it at that! :)! Here are some photos....

Me and Julie...the good and the drama!

Me and Ashley Ivy...one of my players that signed autograph's for me

Me and Judy...

Me and Yas...

At Dick's...