Good times with my new computer!

So yes, I am exploring my NEW laptop! YEA! And the coolest thing is on there...A PHOTO BOOTH!! CRAZINESS!!!

Did I mention that my sis is a couple of minutes away form my hotel...woohoo!!


Reno and Beyond

Wow...so one trip down and three to go! Woohoo! So last weekend was spent in Reno with 6 AVP players and one of my interns. Good times! I had half of the PBJ crew the first day...and night...can we say CRAZY! These boys are major up and comer's on the tour...and are VERY EASY on the eyes...hahaha...but too young so no thougts anyone! We did have fun...the "Talent" (the boys) , the "boss lady" (me), and the "intern"!

The next day I had Suzanne & Michelle come up. They actually played college ball at UN-Reno so it was not a bad thing for them.

And finally I had two of my friends, and great players, come up...Brittany Hochevar and Angela Lewis. It was cool hanging with them for the day that they spent up there.

On the last day I got to hang with my fave Cristy...CHAPPY! I never get to see her or the Laguna crew...so good times were definitely had on Tuesday night!!!

Flying out of Reno is always fun...let me tell you! But this time was absolutely AMAZING! I am a huge TAHOE person...ask anyone who knows me about my wedding plans..hahaha...the view from my window was breathtaking. Then flying into Newark was amazing too. I had the whole island of Manhattan in my window. So beautiful!

So now I am in Seaside Heights, NJ (where they did the MTV beach house a couple years back). It is really cool out there. Or at least it is cool for a few days! Woohoo! My sis, my cuz, her boyfriend, and potentially my bf from HS and her hubbie are coming!! YEA!

Next week...Hotalanta!!


So I am sorry...

So for all those who think I am ignoring them or forgot them or I just straight up forgot them....I AM SORRY! Things have been really crazy getting ready for my 5 week trek across the US! I will be going from Reno-Seaside Heights-Atlanta-Birmingham-Chicago. I have a new laptop so I should have updates on my blog and myspace...which is good. Come October I will have a life again!!! YEA!


From Hermosa to Sac to Dland...what a crazy past few weeks!

So, with the help from a friend (Jammers), I have been nudged to write a new blog!! Let's c...let's start with Hermosa AVP. One word for that tournament...CRAZY! The work was crazy, the beach scene was crazy, and the parties were crazy. Here is a pic from one of the parties that weekend. It was the Nautica party held at Sapphire. These are a few of my interns and a coworker...we clean up well! Hahaha!

Then, a couple days after the Hermosa Open we headed off to Sacramento. The Sac open was held at the Cal Expo. For those who know about that location you know how it is concrete city. Now add 100 degree weather and 16 hour days...yea...it was one LONG weekend. Here are some pics from this weekend...with some women's final action thrown in!

Me and Bruno...

Me and my fave golden girl...

And finally, on my day off this past monday I met up with my sis and my niece for some Disney action. Let's just talk about those crowds...FREAKING CRAZY! But hey, I got to talk to Stitch (who recognized me???), take my normal Tower of Terror tour, and watched my fave thing of all....the FIREWORKS! That show is absolutely amazing. So Jamie get you pass so that we can go in late July to watch...it is really breathtaking! "There are no windows and no doors..." That is all I keep saying!!!

And now, I am off to Reno this Sat for a promo at the Volleyball Festival! Woohoo! But the best part is my next month ahead...Reno to Seaside Heights, NJ to Atlanta, GA to Birmingham, AL to Chicago, IL, and then home...hahaha...I promise to keep this thing updated more too!!! I finally have a laptop!! YEA!


A snapshot of my life...

From SB to HB to Dland...one long couple of weeks!

So I have not been as good blogging as I once was...and it is amazing since I love to journal things! So now that I have a week off between events I think I should recap my last few weeks! First let's talk about Santa Barbara. Talk about a long weekend! We arrived on a Wed and left on a Sunday. Those 4-Day tourney's are going to kill me! Haha! JK! Santa Barbara is a gorgeous town, seperated from the craziness of LA, but so close you could touch it! Things were good that weekend. I met some amazing people up there. The clinic went well and I got to play in center court with come of the interns. Not bad in my book! Here are a few pics from that weekend.

Me and Kashimi (she is a classic)

Kashi and Daniele (an Italian pro volleyball player)

A couple of days after that event we rolled into Huntington Beach...where I live! Can we say...it was a gorgeous weekend for volleyball! Lots of people I know, coached, or call friends came to the event. And, can we say, I finally got to eat at Taco Surf again...and with crew!! YEA! "Surf City" was an event that you did not want to miss!

Ash and Maddie joined in the Hilton Clinic (two former players of mine)

Oh the love!!

Former players (Amy, Brit, and Megan) at Taco Surf...I can't believe they are done with their freshman season in college!!

Well technically I did not "coach" Megan for a season...but the camp counts right?!

The entire Taco Surf Crew!!!

Me and Doug (one my longest friends from the world of college coaching) at Fred's in HB

Also, I had the opportunity to go to Dland/DCA with my sister's familia. Talk about a good time and a great bonding experience! First of all, I got to give in to my Dland cravings...and see my nieces and nephew! It was awesome! I love you guys!

Me and Lora in DCA

Ceviche (aka Savannah)

Isiah...he is freaking adorable!

My fave ride....the Hollywood Tower of Terror

Before the ride

After the ride...
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Me and Jojo..

As I look forward to my next month....all I have to say is atay tuned to my blog to keep updated with my travels! From Sac town to Chicago I will be there! Let's throw in Reno, Atlanta, and Birmingham (yes Alabama) and we got an action packed month!!