The eve of 2007...CRAZY!

With only one day remaining of 2006, I can not only help and review my past year. This has been both a trying and amazing year for me. With my Disneyland pass, the constant travel on tour, and the new friends I made this year, I can not help but be thankful. And of course...my 30th bday was this year so you know it was an eventful year.

So next up is resolutions. Why do we make resolutions? To make our selves feel better? Well, instead of a resolution I am making goals for myself. The first goal is to get back into my playing shape. Now, this doesn't mean lose 20 pounds or anything, but rather to get me mentally strong again about myself. If I can run 2 miles in the sand in less than 11 minutes then I wont care what I look like. Another goal is to be "incondescentally" happy. I know that this is a hard goal to set, but hey, why can't I try!!

2007 looks to be an interesting year....with new stops, new friends, new experiences, and my 31st bday looming in the background, I know it will be interesting!!


My 30th bday...

So the day has come and past...I am officially 30 years old. Just saying it gives me the chills! Haha! But I must say, that between Glen Ivy & the Super Sexy Xmas Spectacular, I had an amazing day. First off, I was lucky enough to spend most of my day at Glen Ivy Hot Springs in Corona with my sisters (Lori, Cheri, & Lora), my mom, my friend Jamie, & my friend April. And let me tell you, if you need a day away from everything....GO! From the mud bath, to the saline pool, to the mineral bath, to the Grotto, etc...and just indulge yourself!!! The food rocked there too (an added side note).

That night we went to the Super Sexy Christmas Spectacular at the El Cid dinner theater in the Silver Lake District. Basically, we went to a ultra hot burlesque show that my sisters friend, Ashley, performed in. And can we say it rocked! So much fun! And to my suprise, my sis and her friend suprised me with a on stage appearance. At the end of their performance I was grabbed to go on stage for my birthday...talk about a cool thing for my 30th bday!

This was definitely a day I needed after my panic attacks throughout the past week. Who knows what this decade will hold for me. But one thing I do know is I have family and friends who will always be there for me...and I am grateful for this!

Here are some of the pictures from yesterday....

2006 AVCA in Omaha

So when you are thinking about traveling to Omaha, Nebraska try to be awake only at night (no offense Buffa). At night the downtown is absolutely gorgeous. However, in the day, it is another story. Whatever. I had to travel to Omaha for the 2006 AVCA Convention/NCAA Final Four to promote the AVP. And actually, it turned out pretty well. I got to bring 5 athletes (who all rocked) and got a bunch of free Crocs (SCORE)! Haha! Here are a few pics form the first night. I actually got to hang out with one of my closest friends from college at UTPA....Buffy, aka Buffa, who still turns heads in a room. :)!


Turning 30

So the song "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to" just keeps going through my head right now. With less than 24 hours until my 30th birthday...I AM STARTING TO FREAK OUT! Holy freaking cannoli!! One would wonder where the time went? What does this next decade hold? Yea, SCARY!


It's coming!

So one week until I start a new decade of my life....LITERALLY! And as I approach this oh so (not) wonderful time in my life, I have had MANY emotions. From the "OH MY GOD I AM REALLY TURNING THIRTY" to the wow, cool mood...my mind just keeps spinning about the possiblities of the future and what my past could have been. What is great is that my last week as a 20-year old will be mainly spent in Omaha, Nebraska, with a lot of my friends. Should be interesting!

On to my next subject....my nieces and nephew! So much fun with them yesterday! Gotta love MAC's! Here are some adorable and CRAZY pics from the fun yesterday....