Oh Napa

So for +Cheri Phillips' bday we ventured to the AMAZING Napa Valley again...Here are some of my fave shots along with some priceless videos :)

And my FAVE photo...has to be of me and my FAVE TV Chef...Michael Chiarello! No words!!

Now for some video...hehe


2012 in review

Goodness I love the new app's that mesh pictures together...so here goes on my 2012 year in review...

Let's c...

From my LBCC Hall of Champions induction to the Kennedale Tornado to Courtside MAVS vs Clippers seats  (with +Kat Reilly & Nicole) to batting in the Rangers Batting Cages to watching my 12's team win a Bronze medal at the USA Beach tour championships (and my first medal coaching at a National Championships with +Texas Advantage Volleyball Club) to seeing the Space Shuttle in Houston to sitting in a NASCAR (Morgan Shepherd's car via +Hyland's Homeopathy) to having my first WHITE CHRISTMAS (by default). Seriously CRAZY...

Here is to more medals and no more tornado's in 2013! ;)