36 & ????

This won't be my typical blog, but rather a "release of thoughts". I honestly never think twice about job decisions or living locations but then spending a Sunday afternoon watching "Sex in the City" episodes NOT ONLY did I realize I am now in the "next age group box" but man...you seriously never know what the future holds. Not that I EVER thought I was one of the characters (of course if I had to choose who I was like it was always Charlotte) but wow it is ironic how certain cliches definitely exist. 

  • Single and 36 = something is wrong with you
  • Moving into the "next age bracket"
  • Getting over ghosts of your past
  • do soul mates exist?

And those were only in the last 3 episodes! Haha...amazing how sometimes things just click, even if they are a TV show. And it gets me thinking...do soul mates exist? Oh man...that question ALONE could last for days....

Here's to believing the best is yet to come....and being 36 and LOVING IT! 


Disney luv

A trip home to LALA always = a Disney adventure!

The two most important rides (in my opinion of course) are ToT and HM...otherwise known as the Tower of Terror & the Haunted Mansion! My TWO FAVES...haha. Everything else is just gravy :).

La Wedding de Smith's!

Nothing like an outdoor wedding in PV...even on a cloudy/rainy day it is still quite fab! I am so happy I was able to be there for my new stepbrother's wedding. I wish David and Sarah the utmost happiness in their life together...

But of course with weddings come zaniness right?? So here goes... (and here is my storify blog of the event)