What a wierd week...

From great sessions to a potential complete loss...bizarro...

D4k Carson shots

Sunset from Corona Del Mar...so gorgeous...I never get tired of seeing these...

And here is my hopefully not but a potential complete loss car (yep, I totally got hit, which made me hit the guy in front of me and it ended up be a 4 car collision). Besides his apology to me, his comment was "I thought I hit the brake and then I realized I didn't". So basically, my new car (barely over a month which I haven't even taken pictures of until now) could be a total loss (we will find out on Tues). BUT thank goodness his insurance company has taken complete liability...so repairs to my car and the car in front of me should be good...my rental car is completely covered...and my medical bills are going to be covered)...

I am so looking forward to a better week next week...I hope...did I mention I am driving a PRIUS...ahahahaha...makes me laugh ;)


Mobile Mania

So who needs a high tech camera when you have a mobile phone these days....I mean I might not have a flash on my treo palm, but hey, it gets the job done...and then there are all my friends that have "crackberries" and they have flashes...hehe...

In the last month, most of my photos have been from cameras...who knew!!

PIC Comes West (yet again)

Chili/Luge Mania

D4K Sesh Time

Disney Mania (X2)


My Happy Place....

So, one does not TRULY realize what one has lost until it is gone (or not able to be visited frequently...haha). I always say that the two places that I can get away from my volley existence is at Disneyland or when I am cooking...so, Disney it is (Cooking for one is truly not fun)! My pass is working again SO I headed to Disney Cali Adventure this past Sunday for a few hours...and not only did I have a blast (typical), but met some of my Disney PIC's fab friends from his SC days...ahhh, so my happy place!!

Here is a CLASSIC video from the BEST RIDE EVER, Tower of Terror...It is way dark, but just listen...hehe