Random clips from today at the BB/Boyz tourney (with speaking and nonspeaking)

So no idea why we lost sound in this videoblog, but watch Linds and Sade in the background...their faces are Classic!!

Here are some playing & funny clips from the day..


Falling Ice, Electricity, Chicken George, and Governor Palin (hehe)

So who knew that the Sterling Clinics (via Chitown) would be such an adventure! Of course it all had to start in LB...with the CRAZY flight to O'hare...I guess I knew I had to have a horrible flight since most of the flights in the last year have been pretty decent! Haha...And can we talk about the numb-biting cold I was greeted with there? WOW. Can say BRRRRRRRRRRRRRR....and with brrrrr comes MASSIVE STATIC ELECTRICITY! Goodness, I truly HATE being shocked every other minute. SERIOUSLY. Sucks when you are trying to coach someone and move them and then SHOCK. Good times...

Anyways, this Cali girl had no idea about "falling ice" hazards in Chicago! It is a serious thing! Of course Misty had to have some fun with this one. And then to see the Chicago River with ICE chunks in it...SURREAL. Oh, thicker jeans are really made in the colder climates?? Geez, how do we Cali folk survive out there! :)

After our fab frozen day in dwntwn Chicago, we picked up Megan and headed West. How much do we love Oasis stops btw?! They had a Starbucks so we were set! haha...2 hours later we were in Rock Falls/Sterling, IL....home of Chicken George! For all those who have no idea WHAT that is...think funnel cake mix with chicken (deep fried) with a sweet "jan" sauce. Thanks to the Pierce's who took us to a place (for Kristy Pierce's surprise bday bash) that served it! It was also there that we started to realize that Misty was not the only celebrity we had in our mist....Governor Sarah Palin's TWIN!! Hahaha...Jen Bowman (another fab coach we had for Sterling) drove down with her mom Kristi Bowman. Kristi is SO a dead ringer for Palin. She even sounds like her! And the best part was people thought is was her! It was AWESOME!!

The clinics went VERY well the next day...TONS of kids. Can we say WOW! Yes, we will be back...and on top of the kids I got to see some of my FAVE midwest people EVER...the Podschweit's!! Emily, Aubrey, and Mary Kaye - THANK YOU so much for joining us AND bringing such FAB help! I so can't wait to see y'all in Reno!!

After the clinics we headed back to the Windy City and met up with some friends that I met way back in Turks in 07...Glenna and Mosi! So awesome to see y'all!! AND for the record, it might have been FREEZING there...but it was GORGEOUS!!

Next up....Dallas...HUGE REUNION in the works :)! So excited! Here's to the next adventure!


An Evening With Lady A

So when I was told about Lady Antebellum playing for the Jimmy Kimmel show, I so had to go. And of ALL the nights of the week, it was the only non volley night I had. Of course the good girl I am I left my phone in the car since NO PHONES OR CAMERAS were allowed. Yea, so much for rules being followed since EVERYONE had phones and cameras...thank goodness for technology too...LOVE the youtube videos on the evening!

And if you have not heard of Lady A, I really don't know what rock you have been hiding under. From amazing vocals (LIVE rocked), to BEAUTIFUL members, to amazing (and hit home) lyrics....to just plain fun performances....Lady A is truly a force to be reckoned with! I so can't wait for summer to see them perform again!

Thanks to EJ for totally letting me know about this concert and Mary for being my partner in crime at the show!

American Honey

Run to You

Lookin for a Good Time

Love Don't Live Here


Aaaahhhhh.....Jan Bday's!

Since December is the most fab month EVER, I thought I would give a nod to the fab bdays in Jan too...haha. Talk about an active month of bdays!! My g'ma's always comes first followed the sista...who likes to do week long bdays! Of course this was a big one turning the 3-0! So we spent a few days in Lake Havasu (part 1)...with a few friends and Cheri's fab phone that I have way too much fun with!

Of course I can't forget that PIC's bday is the same wonderful day as Cheri's...we just wish she was west already so we could all celebrate together at Dland (part 2)!! Hint Hint....

After Cheri's bday week came Fab's bday....which included Disney again :). I so never say no to that!! Definitely some good times for sure!! Gotta say, watching Fab's face on the Tower of Terror for the first time was priceless!!