Aaaahhhhh.....Jan Bday's!

Since December is the most fab month EVER, I thought I would give a nod to the fab bdays in Jan too...haha. Talk about an active month of bdays!! My g'ma's always comes first followed the sista...who likes to do week long bdays! Of course this was a big one turning the 3-0! So we spent a few days in Lake Havasu (part 1)...with a few friends and Cheri's fab phone that I have way too much fun with!

Of course I can't forget that PIC's bday is the same wonderful day as Cheri's...we just wish she was west already so we could all celebrate together at Dland (part 2)!! Hint Hint....

After Cheri's bday week came Fab's bday....which included Disney again :). I so never say no to that!! Definitely some good times for sure!! Gotta say, watching Fab's face on the Tower of Terror for the first time was priceless!!

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