2011 BE GONE

Wow...at first I was thinking this could be a long photo blog BUT after this one pic was done (minus mi madre and step padre) I decided PERFECTO! Haha. 

Memories...wow, this year was interesting. From heartbreaks to moving madness to my new vball family to yet again emotional bla...SO READY FOR 2012. I mean, 2012 = Team Sexy, London, Blue Crush, O-Town, Cali Trips, and hopefully a NYC & El Valle trip or two. Goodbye and GOOD RIDDANCE 2011...


It's that time of year again! FINAL FOUR BABY

With the move to Tejas this year, I can honestly say it made my annual trip to the Final Four MUCH EASIER being in San Antonio! I mean, not only do I adore the city BUT it is a 4 1/2 drive which is basically like driving to Vegas! And not only that...this year for my 35th Bday I had a TON of my closest friends in town (and yes, some very important people were missing BUT this year was MUCH BETTER then last year). And let me thank Zamst for yet again making my experience SO MUCH MORE FABULOUS. Oh, one last thing...my first talk at the infamous AVCA Convention went off without a hitch (unless a lot of "um's" are a hitch...haha).

From my friends...

To the Food/RiverWalk/Alamo

To the Matches

To the All American's Honored (that I am blessed to have worked with)

Muy bueno San Antonio...Muy Bueno


Meet the "Blue Crush"

So every year I coach I end up creating nicknames for my kids AND a team nickname....and this being my first year at TAV I knew the nickname had to represent the team and me. So this year's team is going to be know as BLUE CRUSH (TAV 12 Blue).

So let's meet the team right? Only person missing in this photo was my Assistant Coach (18 Black OH & Arkansas signee, Liz Fortado)....

Back Row: Shaylee, Camryn, Mikayla, Rachel, Sadie, Sam
Front Row: Neva, Kacey, Isabella, Amanda, Macey

Ain't gonna lie...beyond excited to see where this team goes this season...we might be a "2" team, but in most clubs we would be a "1" team! 


From Austin to Arlington with LUV

Give me any reason to sneak off to Austin and I am SO in....but being able to watch two amazing kids play in the 1st round of the NCAA tourney along with seeing friends...well SO THERE! Haha...

First up AZ vs MI State...despite Arizona's loss I am so proud of Libero Candace Nicholson! Ex LBC/Mizuno stud...

Next up was TX vs. TX State. So love watching Haley play for UT. AMAZING player + amazing woman. Blessed to know her FOR SURE! PS TEXAS won in 3...

Even though it was a short trip to Austin...it was well worth it.

Back to Arlington I went so that I could be at the TAV Casino party. Ahhh...such a fun event! And to watch Ping deal cards...all I can say is PRICELESS!!