It's that time of year again! FINAL FOUR BABY

With the move to Tejas this year, I can honestly say it made my annual trip to the Final Four MUCH EASIER being in San Antonio! I mean, not only do I adore the city BUT it is a 4 1/2 drive which is basically like driving to Vegas! And not only that...this year for my 35th Bday I had a TON of my closest friends in town (and yes, some very important people were missing BUT this year was MUCH BETTER then last year). And let me thank Zamst for yet again making my experience SO MUCH MORE FABULOUS. Oh, one last thing...my first talk at the infamous AVCA Convention went off without a hitch (unless a lot of "um's" are a hitch...haha).

From my friends...

To the Food/RiverWalk/Alamo

To the Matches

To the All American's Honored (that I am blessed to have worked with)

Muy bueno San Antonio...Muy Bueno

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