An Evening at the Key Club (LA)

So, Jen, my new co-worker at the AVP invited me (and some staff) to her boyfriend's concert at the Key Club. Paperback Hero was opening for Metal Skool, a fabulous 80's hair cover band! Haha! And Jen hooked me and my sis up VIP style the entire night! It started with some mingling in the back in the band bus (with PBH & others). From Ben Carey (currently touring in Lifehouse, but got his start in Savage Garden) to Danny Bonaduce (whose voice just rang through the air when he came in the bus)...it was an experience.

Then we went in and saw PBH perform. AMAZING! Brian, Jen's man and the lead singer of PBH, rocked the place. It was packed and totally alive. Ben was the guest guitarist for the evening and Toryn (look for him to be talked about soon) joined the group for the song "Call Out". AMAZING, btw.

Then Metal Skool came out...hahaha...STRAIGHT CLASSIC! They looked like literally came from 1988. It was AWESOME! And then they started calling out the names of the celebs in the audience (that we didn't know were there). And, to be honest, I am SO not a HEAVY METAL person, BUT I definitely know these groups! The bassist from Alice in Chains, the lead singer of Pantera, the lead singer of Disturbed, the lead singer and bassist from System of the Down, Coolio....hahaha, and a few more were named. Then the bassist from AinC and the lead singer of Disturbed came up and sang "Man in the Box" with the group...CHILLS! So much fun....AND ON A MONDAY NIGHT!

Here are the photos from the night....


A Twist on St. Patty's Day

Ok, so St. Patrick's day is usually themed with green ANYTHING and the "luck of the irish" in the air. One, green is a must for me...two, the luck of the irish was definitely NOT with me during the day on St. Patty's day. From forgetting my purse (with my license, cc, etc) at my house and realizing that once I was in Manhattan Beach to taking over 30 minutes to find parking in MB to my brand new shoe breaking at the first stop...wow. Yes, I was not feeling the evening. But things changed once the group (& double decker bus) came to the first bar. Joy McKenzie-Fuerbringer decided that for her and her friend's bday they wanted to do a Margarita Train through the South Bay. Well, tons of friends, fun, and double decker bus...who wouldn't!! It was an amazing event! And not only that...as much as I love corned beef & cabbage, it was cool to have mexican feasts at the four cantinas we stopped at! Here are some classic photos below....but read below since this was only half the evenings fesitvities!!

Then, once the bus let us off at the Hermosa Beach pier, we ventured over to Mermaid. Cheri and Silke joined us there...which, by the way, was lifesaver for me(since I was completely exhausted after the busride)! We left Mermaid and headed to Shellback in Manhattan Beach. When we walked in, it was DEJA VU for me...CRAP the season is really upon us! CRAZY! But even though I wanted to run (and almost did), I need to thank DK, Cherbear, & Silk the shocker! Hahaha! Good times were definitely had that night...and here are some pics from the night!


The Next Generation of Airplanes Has Landed!!

So, working at the AVP has its perks...hehe! Today, at 9:30A, the Airbus A380 that took off from France, landed at LAX. Yes, normally this would be a no big deal type of thing. BUT this plane is 8 stories high and the wingspan is as long as a football
(width wise)...it is the largest plane in the history of aviation. Quantas pilots were the lucky folks that got to pilot the plane into LA. Now, we, the AVP, can see planes landing AND witnessed the giant landing this morning! It was AMAZING...so HUGE!

There were actually two planes that landed today. One was at LAX and the other was at JFK. The plane at LAX will take off tomorrow...I bet that will be an amazing sight!!!!