The Great Wall of China

So, this day trip had to be the highlight of my trip. From the very first moment you see the wall from the bus, to standing on the wall for the first time, and to the toboggan ride down...wow. Did I forget to mention that I PEPPERED ON THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA!!!!Hahahaha... RANDO!!! Anyways, here are my pics from the trip to this amazing creation on top of a mountain!!

The Toboggan Ride

Straight Classic Photos

After we left the wall we were taken to a Multicultural Village (just below the parking area for the great wall) for some drinks & snacks. In this village was a place called the School House. An American came in and bought this property, and taught the chinese how to run a restaurant. So basically, it was a westerner type of place (with GREAT and NORMAL Western bathrooms btw) which was awesome to experience, knowing you were in China.


Tian'anmen Square & Forbidden City in Pictures

Here are my pics from Tian'anamen Square and the Forbidden City. And for those who did not know, they are located across the street from each other.

Tian'anmen Square

Forbidden City

We headed to eat right outside the Forbidden City. And not only were the bathroom's interesting, BUT fried rice had a hidden treat! FISH EGGS....EWWWWWWW....hahaha