Some Quirky moments

So since I have been video blogging I have not done as much typing into my blog...so here are a few funny quirks/moments on this interesting trip I am having...

Electrical Sockets: So everyone knows that you need an adapter or a converter or both in international countries. Well what happens when you use them both for a hairdryer and you blow out the entire apartment! NO...it was not me that did that, but I was here when everything went down! Hahaha. Ironically the night before I used my flat iron with the converter and adapter and blew out the bathroom plug and my flatiron...but not the whole apartment! Hahaha.

Taxi Drivers: OMG...this place is Mexico meets NYC on crack! You seriously give your life to these taxi drivers! Not only do they not follow the lines in the street or the lights above or other vehicles are in the way...but all vehicles drive this way! I love it when it is Taxi vs. bus and the taxi wins...narrowly! And then let's talk about the communication barriers. So Nee How is the only thing we have in common with the drivers! Thank goodness that we have addresses in Chinese on everything we have from the IOC! One of the smartest things they could have done for all the tourists! Now all we do is point to an address!

Fish eggs in Fried Rice????: Can we say GRRR on this one? I mean GEEZ...I was seriously trying to be safe with what I ordered. And to top it off someone had ordered it before there (the day before) and said it was pretty basic. But low and behold, when you looked into the rice, there they were....FISH EGGS. REALLY? You could not taste them...but YUCK. So Cheri, there ya go. That is my only CRAZY food story you will get from me! AND then there was the bathroom in this restaurant! Um...can we say female butts and legs attached to the sink???? Oh we all had to take pics of this one!

And trust me...there are more of these quirky moments to come!

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