Tis the Season

So December has basically come and past...but let me tell you, it was not a slow month! It might not have been the best December on record (yes, December is so my fave month), but it definitely was an active one! From starting the club season to the Tampa M2 to the AVCA Final Four to the new traditions at Xmas...wowsers!

Tampa M2/SoFla Week

AVCA Final Four/Convention (Kansas City, MO)

Xmas Eve


Only a few more days of 2010 are left, and can we say THANK YOU!!! So ready to close the 2010 door and open the 2011 one...



Well, since Greensboro things have moved pretty quickly...and I have not been this happy in a long time! Of course with extreme happiness comes extreme sadness...BUT anyways....after Greensboro came Disney Holidays, Cincinnati, & Dallas...ah yea....and if ya did not know already, me and Sarbear will be relocating to Dallas, Texas next April!! So on to the pics and videos....hehe

Disney Holidays

The Nati'

Dallas Turkey Time

Next up...Orlando, Tampa, Sofla, and Kansas City...ahhhhh sunshine and steaks!! Happy Bday to me!