Videos say enough about my Holiday Season

A Phillips, McMahon, Mohr, Vivanco, Falzone, Smith, ETC Xmas season can be GNARLY busy...SO we rely on each other to get through the amazing chaos...hehe....

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Despite Chaos Comes Thanks

So, most people know that this past year (2009) has been pretty gnarly emotionally for me and my family. And I have been pretty vocal about this...but one thing I have not been vocal enough about is the good (how small it might be) that came out of this year. From the 14 Mizuno and Tina Stevens to meeting Luhrs & Nichols to longtime friends making me smile (Kris, Fab, Hooka, Meeks, Lawbreakers) to a longtime friend giving me a chance to help create something & to my family...there has been some good things that have come out of this year...

And as I enter my 33rd year with new opportunities (M2, expanding D4K, expanding Mizuno) I am looking onward to the future...whatever will come....


Triad fun

North Carolina never ceases to amaze me. Both years have been so different, yet so amazing. This year, I really think I should have blogged daily...with all the activities I did!! Hahaha...from wine tasting to 2 vball matches to Wii craziness to HS friends/vb coaching friends/family to market parties...wow. It was definitely a ton of stuff to pack into 4 1/2 days! Thanks to everyone too...I so will be back soon!!

Meeks Time

Wine Tasting

Meeting up with my HS friend and long time soccer teammate

HPU VB Action (Jamie on the Wall as I walked into the match...awesome!)

Meeting up with My Uncle Glenn

UNCG VB Action (Watching former Mizuno athlete, Ari)

Market Party Fun

My Video Blog from the weekend




So maybe everything is not "technically" new, but it is new to me!! With my SECOND new used car, to the opening of the MAC (home to Mizuno Long Beach), to the 2010 tryouts for club...and the approach of my "new" year (not to be explained online, but just know that this past Oct-Oct has been incredibly rough in all areas of my life) I am looking forward to a new chapter in my life. NO I am not moving or anything radical like that...just trying to move forward. Many many exciting things lie ahead of me...from vball to personal to job...so excited to see what 2010 has in store!!

My 2nd NEW USED Car....my blue crush (07 Nissan Versa)

The MAC Athletic Club Tryouts and Open House

Hanging with my original LB parents/players (and watching 2 play each other in college) to the new kiddos

And of course...D4K Fun ;)