Triad fun

North Carolina never ceases to amaze me. Both years have been so different, yet so amazing. This year, I really think I should have blogged daily...with all the activities I did!! Hahaha...from wine tasting to 2 vball matches to Wii craziness to HS friends/vb coaching friends/family to market parties...wow. It was definitely a ton of stuff to pack into 4 1/2 days! Thanks to everyone too...I so will be back soon!!

Meeks Time

Wine Tasting

Meeting up with my HS friend and long time soccer teammate

HPU VB Action (Jamie on the Wall as I walked into the match...awesome!)

Meeting up with My Uncle Glenn

UNCG VB Action (Watching former Mizuno athlete, Ari)

Market Party Fun

My Video Blog from the weekend

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