Cowboy Country Y'all

So most of you know that I am NOT a COWBOYS fan BUT a COWBOYS STADIUM fan...and now hopefully EVERYONE knows (so that my family can stop thinking I am a traitor...haha). SO any chance I can get to go to the stadium let alone watch a pro football game (since LA has not had a team in YEARS), well I AM THERE! And when a friend offers an AMAZING seat with more friends...well DOUBLE BONUS. haha

Now, back to the stadium....if you have not been able to go inside this arena, then I am telling you GO NOW. There is nothing in this country that even comes close. And the Cowboys organization KNOWS how to put on a show. I mean GEEZ can we say the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, 7 story Screen, etc. Honestly there is not a bad seat in the house...and EVERYONE is entertained.



Videoblogs from NC

So here are a few videoblogs from NC...if your viewing on facebook you need to view these on my actual BLOG


NC luv

When ever I need to get away...North Carolina is always waiting for me. Amazing friends + the Meeks Fambam + amazing coffee + amazing wine + ALLORAH time = amazing time :). This year a bit different though...we actually spent 2 days at White Lake, NC. White Lake is a Spring fed lake that was created by a meteor (along with other lakes in the same county). SO BEAUTIFUL! 

Of course one of the days we had to go to the local town (Elizabethtown) to see the local flavor. 

Of course u KNOW I had to take a pic by this sign....hehe

And the beach at White Lake, NC...too much fun

And now for some ALLORAH shots :)

Much luv to everyone that I saw (& missed) in North Carolina...until next SPRING :)


North Carolina lake time (teaser)

So I will be doing a much bigger blog on North Carolina BUT until then here is a small snippet of White Lake, North Carolina.


Rangers Baby

Who doesn't love baseball right? Well who doesn't love post season baseball! I was able to finally attend a post season game (thank u Treanor's)! Of course the game was actually quite AMAZING too...now the series is tied up heading into tomorrow's game at Tampa....

What a Light Show

Gotta love when you walk out of a gym and see gynormous white clouds heading right towards you (especially when you need rain in a bad way). That was what I had the pleasure of walking out to on Thurs night. Little did I know it would be the best light show I had ever seen!

Sarah wanted to take a picture (if we could) with her iPhone so...after about 90 shots I finally was able to time and right and BAM...I got these photos. Seriously unreal!!!