Cowboy Country Y'all

So most of you know that I am NOT a COWBOYS fan BUT a COWBOYS STADIUM fan...and now hopefully EVERYONE knows (so that my family can stop thinking I am a traitor...haha). SO any chance I can get to go to the stadium let alone watch a pro football game (since LA has not had a team in YEARS), well I AM THERE! And when a friend offers an AMAZING seat with more friends...well DOUBLE BONUS. haha

Now, back to the stadium....if you have not been able to go inside this arena, then I am telling you GO NOW. There is nothing in this country that even comes close. And the Cowboys organization KNOWS how to put on a show. I mean GEEZ can we say the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, 7 story Screen, etc. Honestly there is not a bad seat in the house...and EVERYONE is entertained.


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