Ahhhh.....Winter Wonderland

So, did I know it would be seriously a winter wonderland when I arrived in Cinci? Um, negatory ghost rider! I mean I figured I would fly into a snowy land in Chitown, but fresh powder in Cinci...amazing! And that was just the start of the good times out of Cinci. From the amazing Peters family (Really? Seriously?) to the Westerkamm Fam to the great clinics to ACE to Men in Tights...nuff said!

M2 Time!

And then flying home over a snowy grand canyon?! So fricking gorgeous!!



A lil thing I like to call M2

So some might say I am CRAZY for doing yet another venture...others (like my self) would say it is an opportunity of a life time...M2 Volleyball Clinics & Camps start THIS WEEKEND in Cincinnati, Ohio! Oh yea. Basically, this year should be renamed to the wacky world of Team MistyChristi....hehe. Some might get this...others well...hehe. Anyways, picking up the shirts today made it ALL sink in! In less then 48 one of the greatest volleyball of all time will be giving the world an inside to her world. She will be helping/coaching young and adult minds in the WORLD of volleyball. We can't WAIT to get started!! Now, if only they would open O'Hare....haha


Rose Bowl 2010

So as many times as I have gone to the Rose Bowl, it has never been for football AND not for a BOWL game nonetheless. And ironically, my GOAL for 2010 is to start living my life as an ADVENTURE...so this was a PERFECT start to my Adventure driven 2010! Hahaha. Anyways, my friend Mary had some extra tickets when her family got sick right before the game, so Mary took Katie & me. TOO MUCH FUN...from driving on the actual parade route by accident (we so wanted to wave to the people) to the traffic from the blockades to CHEAP TRICK PLAYING AT THE RB TAILGATE (and singing ALL my fave songs....I am so a 70's/80's rock chick) to meeting all the great people at the game...SO MUCH FUN!!

Aftermath of the Rose Parade...hahaa


The Game

And can I just say CINCY ON THURS?!?!?! OMG!