The eve of 2007...CRAZY!

With only one day remaining of 2006, I can not only help and review my past year. This has been both a trying and amazing year for me. With my Disneyland pass, the constant travel on tour, and the new friends I made this year, I can not help but be thankful. And of course...my 30th bday was this year so you know it was an eventful year.

So next up is resolutions. Why do we make resolutions? To make our selves feel better? Well, instead of a resolution I am making goals for myself. The first goal is to get back into my playing shape. Now, this doesn't mean lose 20 pounds or anything, but rather to get me mentally strong again about myself. If I can run 2 miles in the sand in less than 11 minutes then I wont care what I look like. Another goal is to be "incondescentally" happy. I know that this is a hard goal to set, but hey, why can't I try!!

2007 looks to be an interesting year....with new stops, new friends, new experiences, and my 31st bday looming in the background, I know it will be interesting!!

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