It's that time of the season again!!!

Yea for December! From the Christmas tree on Signal Hill, to the Naples house lights, to Belmont Shore Boat Parade, & my personal favorite, the Disneyland Holidays! Disneyland is always fun, but add the giagantic Christmas Tree, the fireworks spectacular, to the snow shower on main street, and then there are the Lights! The lights in New Orleans square, the lights in Toon Town, the lights on Small World, the lights on Main Street, the lights on the GG Bridge in DCA, the lights in the trees behind Thunder Mountain, and so on...it is absolutely beautiful!!!

Luckily yesterday I was able to leave work and meet up with my family at Dland. And can we say...it was so empty! Which is ALWAYS a good thing! And once again my darling sis captured some great photos...and hopefully soon I will get photos from Carla too!

You really can't go wrong at Dland/DCA...my other home!

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