From Hermosa to Sac to Dland...what a crazy past few weeks!

So, with the help from a friend (Jammers), I have been nudged to write a new blog!! Let's c...let's start with Hermosa AVP. One word for that tournament...CRAZY! The work was crazy, the beach scene was crazy, and the parties were crazy. Here is a pic from one of the parties that weekend. It was the Nautica party held at Sapphire. These are a few of my interns and a coworker...we clean up well! Hahaha!

Then, a couple days after the Hermosa Open we headed off to Sacramento. The Sac open was held at the Cal Expo. For those who know about that location you know how it is concrete city. Now add 100 degree weather and 16 hour days...yea...it was one LONG weekend. Here are some pics from this weekend...with some women's final action thrown in!

Me and Bruno...

Me and my fave golden girl...

And finally, on my day off this past monday I met up with my sis and my niece for some Disney action. Let's just talk about those crowds...FREAKING CRAZY! But hey, I got to talk to Stitch (who recognized me???), take my normal Tower of Terror tour, and watched my fave thing of all....the FIREWORKS! That show is absolutely amazing. So Jamie get you pass so that we can go in late July to watch...it is really breathtaking! "There are no windows and no doors..." That is all I keep saying!!!

And now, I am off to Reno this Sat for a promo at the Volleyball Festival! Woohoo! But the best part is my next month ahead...Reno to Seaside Heights, NJ to Atlanta, GA to Birmingham, AL to Chicago, IL, and then home...hahaha...I promise to keep this thing updated more too!!! I finally have a laptop!! YEA!

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Jamie Petersen said...

Well, it's about time! Glad you're back on the blog...keep the pictures coming!