Reno and Beyond

Wow...so one trip down and three to go! Woohoo! So last weekend was spent in Reno with 6 AVP players and one of my interns. Good times! I had half of the PBJ crew the first day...and night...can we say CRAZY! These boys are major up and comer's on the tour...and are VERY EASY on the eyes...hahaha...but too young so no thougts anyone! We did have fun...the "Talent" (the boys) , the "boss lady" (me), and the "intern"!

The next day I had Suzanne & Michelle come up. They actually played college ball at UN-Reno so it was not a bad thing for them.

And finally I had two of my friends, and great players, come up...Brittany Hochevar and Angela Lewis. It was cool hanging with them for the day that they spent up there.

On the last day I got to hang with my fave Cristy...CHAPPY! I never get to see her or the Laguna crew...so good times were definitely had on Tuesday night!!!

Flying out of Reno is always fun...let me tell you! But this time was absolutely AMAZING! I am a huge TAHOE person...ask anyone who knows me about my wedding plans..hahaha...the view from my window was breathtaking. Then flying into Newark was amazing too. I had the whole island of Manhattan in my window. So beautiful!

So now I am in Seaside Heights, NJ (where they did the MTV beach house a couple years back). It is really cool out there. Or at least it is cool for a few days! Woohoo! My sis, my cuz, her boyfriend, and potentially my bf from HS and her hubbie are coming!! YEA!

Next week...Hotalanta!!

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