United 93

For all those who really think they know what happened with Flight 93 or 9/11 in general...U need to see this movie. It is amazing to see 9/11 from another view....to remember...Where were you on 9/11? What was your first reaction when you saw the World Trade Center on fire...or crashing into the ground? Did you know someone directly involved? What were the numbers and carriers of the planes that were involved. Did you know about the Chicago flights that were grounded that had people arrested off that plane? And the pictures from that day....a picture literally spoke a thousand words.

This movie really showed the courage of a group of traveler's, the confusion that happened that morning (I mean, who hijakes a plane, let alone 4, in the US), and the utter reality of what happened on the doomed flight. The passengers almost reclaimed the plane...they almost pulled it off...but we know how it ends.

I literally balled the last 5 minutes. It was amazing. Go see the movie...if not for yourself then go in rememberance of the Americans who lost their lives that fateful day. We will never forget....

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