Time for a change!

So when I need a quick change in my life, the first thing I do is change my hair. So...I hacked my hair :)! And to be honest, I see myself and think I am back in college playing (since my hair was this short back in the playing days). Of course, this cut is more styled AND I died my hair last night to a dark chocolate brown. Anyways...this being one of the 3 weekends off this summer, I decided to make the best of it! First I headed out to my cousin's 15th bday party at my uncle's in Fontana. They rented that cool & huge water slide for the kids (but if anyone wants to rent one for a party...let me know...so cool). It was great to see a lot of my family (ie...grandparents, etc).

Then it was off to my friend Jen's bday bash in LA. We started at the grand re-opening of Sebastians in Toluca Lake. It was free drinks and appetizers all night. I brought my friend, Melody, with me to meet my LA friends :)....

Finally, on Sunday I met up with Melody and some of her friends for brunch at Schooner or Later. So we started at Schooner or Later, but ended up at Joe's...it was only a 2 hour wait for S or L....haha....good times!!

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