The land of 1,000 lakes...seriously!!

So, I recently came back from the infamous Junior Olympics in Minneapolis, MN. Being it was my first time in Minnesota, I was excited to see as many cities as possible. IRONICALLY, my travel person put me up 30 minutes away from the convention center, so I saw more then the average person! Hahaha. It was awesome to see a ton of my friends who were their either coaching or recruiting. The one night I went out, I met up with some of my Mizuno coaches and some other college coaches at "the local" for the annual Molten Party. It was an early night, but a good night!! :)

Besides living in a gym, I got to venture through St. Paul too. From the 94 you could see the capital...which was gorgeous!! And on Sunday, before I left, I went to the infamous Mall of America!! And yes, it is MASSIVE!!! The outside lining of the Mall was pure shops (everything you could imagine). The inside was an amusement park! And below the 3 stories of shops, etc, was an underwater, underground aquarium! CRAZY!

And let's end this blog with my miracle of a trip yesterday home! From hail & severe weather on the runway (before take off)...to the horrific takeoff (the 1st 10 minutes were HORRIBLE)...to me having 5 minutes to make my next flight, in another terminal...to getting my bags FIRST at John Wayne...CRAZY!! Hahahaha!!

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Jamie Petersen said...

AW! I just got back from Minneapolis yesterday, and was at that very same mall! In fact, Chris' brother is a diver at the aquarium, so we got to watch him swim with the sharks. Super cool.

Oh...and it's the land of 10,000 lakes- literally. Thought that ratio would make it much more spectacular. Hope you had a good time!