A Philly (as in Phillips) Christmas

Christmas is always interesting for me and my sis, Cheri. And after seeing the movie Four Christmases, I realized that one, we have 3 families we need to see (on our own) and two, our families are amazing, considering everything (go see the movie and you will understand).

ANYWAYS...first up is the Mohr Family tradition...XMAS eve at the grandparent's house. This year, between my grandfather's cancer and David (and fam) in Guam, we did our best to keep up all the normal traditions.

Next up...Rossetta's (my stepmom's) for XMAS day. Can we say SAUCE TIME!! Rosa's italian feast is a present in itself!! Hahaha...

And lastly...congrats to my dad and his girlfriend, Kristen, who got engaged over the Xmas break in New Mexico. :)

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