You Know When You Are A Cali Girl in NYC When...

Ok, do here ya go Angela and everyone else who wanted to hear my funny story...haha

Ok, so when I arrived into the city on Tuesday I decided to take a Taxi (inside of the subway with my luggage) to Merissa's place. She had told me what to do to get in (since she was gonna be out and her cleaning lady would be there). So I get out and go to the first door that has the buttons to push for each level. I push her's and pull on the door and it opens. Yea. So I put my two bags in between the two doors (there is another door to get through) and then pull on the second door. So I (with the first door open the first time) to push the number from the outside again and pull on the 2nd door. No luck. The next time, I decide to go outside completely LETTING THE FIRST DOOR SHUT and push the number. Then the first door is locked....with my bags in between the two doors...and it was raining outside (and I had my carry on bag on my shoulder with a laptop and no covering from the rain). Yea. I literally pulled a huge dunce moment and sat outside for like 10 minutes...hahaha. So finally I was let in by someone and walked to her floor and knocked. No one was there...and I look behind me and up comes the cleaning lady. She had missed her train and was way late. Good times, good times. Hahaha.

Here are a few more pics from Ice Skating (Thanks Taylor)

And here is a pic I took after I wrote my blog in the Chicago Airport. It is our plane, in the snow (ice and rain...we were delayed another 30 min) before they de-iced and put that green goo on there....

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