Wow...My Bday Trip Fun err Annoyance

So who knew that almost a week ago I was flying high on life...ready for NYC...ready for a few things and one week later I would be sleeping in the Chicago Midway Airport, praying to get home today. Wow...how did it lead up to here? Hahahaha...well let's examine...

So Sat came...off to Philly! When I landed, Kris and Danny picked me up and took me to Pat's for some REAL Philly Cheesesteaks in Philly! It was my first time in Philly too...which made it that much better...needless to say my sandwich rocked! NO CHEEZ WIZ EITHER! hahaha....and another side note to Philly was that I finally got to see the real Liberty Bell (since us socal kids grow up with Independence Hall at Knott's).

Sunday came, and it was off the NYC for some ice skating fun in Central Park (one of my fave things to do period). Unfortunately Danny, Merissa, and Michael could not make it, but Jessie and Kelly joined. Good times.

Monday was my day to veg in the countryside of Jersey. Kristen & Danny....love the house!!!!! It was a beautiful day out there. And I always love spending time with my doggie nephew, Auggie Doggie!! Such a cutie. Kris, if there is one thing you can count on it is me visiting NYC JUST for auggie!!!! And thanks guys for my bday cake!!

Tuesday I headed into the city and decided that I would do a whirl wind 10 min site seeing trip. From Union Square to Wall Street to the World Trade Center Site to Grey Dog's in the West Village to Rockafeller Center to Times Square and home. A couple of side notes...one, IT SNOWED AT LUNCH AT GREY DOG'S! Me and Jessie were shocked! And even though my night did not go as plan, thanks to Merissa, Andy, and Michael for hanging!!

Wed, well it was my 32 bday! :)! I woke up to many texts and posts on FB (thanks y'all) and ended grabbing lunch with KT (thanks for that too). After lunch I kinda wandered over to the Empire State Building and then back through Times Square. So beautiful. For dinner, Jessie and Allie met me at Son Cubano for some yummo Cuban Tapas. Did I mention that Jessie got my some Magnolia Cupcakes? YUMMO! Then me and Jessie headed uptown to meet some friends...and even though (yet again) my night did not end up the way I thought, it was a ton of fun (thanks Merissa, Jessie, and Michael).

And then came Thursday...A day right night I wish I could do over again. I knew I should not have left NYC (due to the weather coming into the midwest), but did not have a good enough reason to stay. So I flew out to Chicago Midway, hoping that my Omaha flight was still a go...WELL NOPE. I was put on standby on an Oakland bound plane (since everything out west is booked for 2 days and my Omaha flight gets into omaha at 9p tonight). Then it was off to the cots for some ZZZZZZ...or at least tons of lights, ongoing announcements, and ARG.

Now, well, I am sitting at my gate wondering if this flight is gonna be cancelled and if I am gonna make it out of Chicago this weekend...Happy Bday to me!

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