My first weekend off!! YEA!

So, this was my first weekend off in over 2 months!! Talk about a nice change of pace for me! HAHA! So, the weekend started off in Chino Hills, with my older sis and her kids. Whenever I get a chance I head over there for some kid action! And if you look at some of these pics, you would think I was their mom (and there is absolutely no blood relation to them...kinda classic if you ask me).

From their, I went with Lora to her church for a Junior High overnighter. Lora had asked if I wanted to help chaperone at night and the next day, at the beach. Of course I jumped at the opportunity to spend time with my big sis! And the experience was awesome! These kids were great!

The next morning we went by Lora's house to get Jojo, Ceviche, and I-man, and headed down to Newport Beach. Surprisingly this was my first time "going to the beach" at Newport! Scary right? I just never ventured down to Newport for the beach action! But again, it was an awesome experience!

I left the beach to go get ready for the Dig For Kids Silent Action/Dinner at Sangria in Hermosa Beach that night. Cheri decided to go with me to the event. It was a nice ending to an amazing day!

And of course, I got to spend time with my cutie babies!! :)

Now, as I look towards the upcoming weekend I realize that I get to look forward to Sat! Of course I am off to Reno, NV on Sunday so my weekend is short lived...but at least I get Sat right?!!!

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