My Grandma's Memorial

 So when I think of my grandma....I think of my first experiences at Disneyland. She always told me that where the screams were the loudest I wanted to go, hence my thrill ride & Disneyland addiction.

I think about how finding out about our past is not important, but rather very special. For those who don't know, g'ma could find anything in a family lineage. She actually went through the Phillips name when she was done with the Mohr line. Crazy how much you can learn if u put in the time.

G'ma also LOVED animals. Despite only having cats in the recent years, she was a huge dog lover. Now truth be told, both of my parents are HUGE animal lovers, so I have been blessed my whole life with animals. But G'ma's love for the strays & her own was amazing. She wrote a few poems about her animals. "Stray Cat" Once, a vagabond rover came to my door. Now, the shabby traveler's a stranger no more! Another poem she created was "Cats & Dogs" I'm lucky to have a cat & a dog. IT's better than havin a cow or a hog. While a cow might win a hefty prize - Not, if, I looked into her eyes. For then I would have to keep her indoors. Just think of how 'twould add to the chores! And, though, a pig might bring home the bacon. If, I parted with it my heart would be achin'. I am lucky to have a cat & a dog and count my blessing at having that. 

But my fave memory will always be the early mornings on Xmas day, when I would help my g'ma set up the "santa's gifts" for everyone. Those mornings included 3A wakeup's, xmas music on low over the house radio, tons of talking with my g'ma, and tons of coffee that my g'pa would prepare for us right after we were finished....memories that can't be replaced, but will live on in my heart. Thank you grandma...u were and still am an inspiration to me until the end. Loving your husband, family, and friends...I can only hope one day I am remembered for the same thing....

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