From the shores of Lake Michigan to the shores of the Kings River...this past week was definitely not a dull one! We started the week jet setting to Grand Rapids, Mi for the M2 clinics. The cool thing about this trip for me was the fact that it was my first trip to Michigan...and the East Coast of Lake Michigan! WAY COOL. Only 7 more states to go!! Haha. In all seriousness, Lake Michigan is definitely a site to see...it was like the Ocean minus salt, jellies, sting rays, sharks, etc...there were even whitecaps/waves. Crazy. Anyways...the peeps in MI rocked...

After MI came Labor Day weekend. While most were on the beach somewhere, I decided to head to Central Cal to see my cousins. It was WAY COOL to relax for a change. Of course vball was involved, but I was only a supporter :)! Go Korin (SJ Memorial).  From vball to the Kings River to Chili Colorado (oh my YUMMY)...Fresno/Reedley rocked. Thanks guys :)

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