The last stop

So our last stop this season was South Lake Tahoe...my all time favorite place in the word...and it still lives up to that!

So we arrived on Wed morning and the weather was amazing! My room was lakeside and it had a jacuzzi in the room...absolutely amazing. Come Thurs the weather took a MASSIVE dip in temperature. It snowed overnight so when I opened my curtains...can we say AWESOME! Then my alma mater, UTPA, came up to the tournament. So I got to see Karen and Dave. YEA! They were staying in Reno for a UN-Reno tournament. Totally Random and cool! But the greatest thing about the day was IT SNOWED DURING MISTY'S MATCH! Oh yea...snow on the AVP tour. 1st time in 25 years! Just plain classic! After the tournament ended me and Misty headed down to watch UTPA play UN-Reno. Good times with Treanor! She is just plain classic!

At first I thought the snow would be the highlight of this trip...BUT NO! Stacy Millichap's parents invited a ton of players and staff over for a BBQ at their lake front vacation home. This was a PALACE! I can't wait for the pics from last night! It was FRICKIN BEAUTIFUL! And it was a great vb crowd. The top players, their families, some staff, and some friends. A great way to end the tour season!!

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