Vegas Baby!

So these last few weeks have been a blur since Brooklyn. First it was Boulder, then home for two days...then off to Cincinnati (which is suprisingly a beautiful city), then home for two days...now we are in Vegas...AT CAESAR'S PALACE! Being someone who gets to visit this city a ton, I usually don't stay on the strip...so this is a treat!

Our trip today started with two stars on my plane...Kevin Dillion (Entourage) and Annabeth Gish (Mystic Pizza..an 80's movie queen). Kinda funny actually! Then off to lovely LV! I had my clinic tonight and now I am off to a dinner at Paris that overlooks the Belagio Water Fountains! Of course...it doesn't hurt that my dinner "date" is ms. May herself...hahaha! Not to break off on another subject...but this job has helped me and Misty get back on the same page in our friendship...so kudos to that!

So it is a wild and fun weekend ahead...hopefully some classic pics along with the blog! And MAYBE some pics from Brooklyn will make there way up here someday too! Hahaha!

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