Luge it or Lose it! The New Mexico Chili fest...

So, this past weekend I was able to attend the infamous Redondo Beach Chili Fest, at Sarah Straton's house :)! Greg, her fabulous hubby, is from New Mexico and has those fabulous chili's shipped west every year for this event. CAN WE SAY YUMMO!! And not only did we get our grub on, but we got to partake in the Luge events. Freaking classic! Yes, I am newbie at the luge! And I must say, whoever invented the ice luge...PROPS TO THEM! And, for the highlight on the luge that night we had someone do the green chili, vodka, jello shot luge...YUCK, but funny!! And let's just the company did not suck!! Hahaha...From my fabulous HS friend, Michelle to the AVP'ers Marcia, Fitz, & Dave, to the Players (Sarah, Barb, The Holdren's, The Nygaard's) and everyone else who rocked (who doesn't adore the Wachtfogel's)!!

The Kid's Jumpy thing...yep we were in there!!

The Luge Action

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