The new job err jobs!

So for those who have not heard, I recently resigned from the AVP and took the position of Foundation Director at Dig 4 Kids. Along with that, I am working for Volleyball Vacations & volleyball.com. WOOHOO! SO BASICALLY....I am working for Eric Fonoimoana at D4K and Al-B at VBV MEANING I am not going very far from the AVP! The big difference is I am going to be able to enjoy the AVP! Concept right?

So for those who don't know anything about these two programs, let me get you aquainted!! D4K is a non profit program directed at the inner cities. The first program has been in Carson the past 7 years. We have 4 & 5 graders who come from the local elementary schools to Carson HS on Tuesdays. Once they are there they get tutored for 2 hours and then learn how to play volleyball for an hour. And the really cool thing is that the tutors are not only pro athletes but the Carson HS boy's & girl's volleyball teams. And we will be expanding VERY SOON! Growth is GOOD!

On to VBV....so VBV takes beach volleyball fans to exotic desinations to learn, play, eat, and drink with Pro Beach volleyball players. The first trip up for me is later this month in the Turks & Caicos Islands!! We will be having 8 of our AVP athletes in attendance too! Trust me...I CAN'T WAIT!! And for those who have never heard of the T&C islands, they are located just south of the Bahamas (and look like they are part of that chain). Oh, the Cayman's are set for Feb of 08...woohoo! Here are some photos of the T&C islands!

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