Ceviche's Bday

Ok, so Ceviche (aka Savannha, my niece) turned 5 this past weekend. I really can not believe how old she has gotten (and her sis, Jo, who is turning 10 next month)! I love all 3 of my nieces & nephew...but am really proud of my niece Ceviche for starting to come out of her shell! She seriously has the ultimate middle child syndrome...but is now coming out of it! YEA! And of course, my bday present to her is a trip to Disneyland!! WOOHOO! And just for the record I am taking my other niece, Jo, for her bday next month :)!

Anyways, here are a couple of pics from last Sat.

And I forgot to mention how awesome it was to see my brother's family too with their to children!! Their youngest...Jasmine....must me the most outgoing baby I have ever seen!

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