The SD Dinner party

So, every chance we get (which is not that many) we, the Phillips, try and head down to see our Aunt Chloe at the Viejas Casino in Alpine (San Diego). We were able to get down there a week ago to celebrate Kara's belated bday and our Aunt's 70th bday. And let's say, we are never sad when we are "forced" to eat that gourmet at the Casino Steakhouse!! Haha! Anyways, one of the funnest moments EVERYTIME we go down is our car ride down! Lastyear I was able to videotape the car action (which was QUITE HYSTERICAL).

My fabulous sisters

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This time it was all about the camera!! Hehehehe!

The drive down

Our "coffee break"

Dinner :)

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Jamie Petersen said...

Awww....seeing things like this makes me sad I don't have any sisters. :(