Ceviche's Day at Dland

You know, I am OFFICIALLY a Disney freak (my obession is crazy), but I definitely learned about the little things this past weekend with my niece! Savannah, aka Ceviche, turned 5 two weeks ago and my gift to her was a trip to Dland (and only Dland). Ceviche has a tendency to not like anything in the dark (rides, lines, etc) or boats (even Small world) so you would think that the day would be limited...right? WRONG!!

When we got to the park, I decided to buy Ceviche an Princess Autograph book for signatures. We headed into the park, straight to Fantasyland! Ceviche loves the Merry-Go-Round. It was a start to an amazing day :). From there we walked to the Autopia, passing by the HUGE Nemo line/ride. Ironcially, at first Ceviche was like "NO", then changed her mind later...so there is hope! We fastpassed Autopia and headed to meet Ariel! And to be honest, I felt like we were special and Ariel talked to my niece for 5 minutes!! And yes, there was still a long line behind us...and in front of us no one talked that long...so I was happy for my niece!

After the meet and greet we jumped on the teacups. Wow, Ceviche loves that ride!! Actually, Ceviche just likes being in control!! Hahaha! Anyways, from there we headed to Toontown. We went to Mickey's house and standed in line for 1 hour!! Oh yea, a really long line! Patience is not a virtue when it comes to kids...it is REALITY with kids! Wow, the things you learn! Haha. Anyways, we got the photo with Mickey and headed to Goofy's house. And of course my dream guy never ceases to amaze me! :)! And of course Ceviche played in the playground behind Goofy's house!! :)

From their we headed back to Autopia, where Ceviche was a driver (and on the ride) for the first time! So classic! Haha! After that we grabbed food and staked our spot on the parade line. And not a bad spot, if you ask me! To see my nieces' face when character's smiled, waved, and talked (oh yes...classic) to my niece. Probably the best part of the day for me! It was priceless!

After the parade we headed back to the Merry-Go-Round and got sidetracked to Dumbo! And Ceviche wanted to ride it!! That has NEVER happened!! So we rode Dumbo! I was so proud of her! She actually controlled the "up & down" motions too!! After that we headed to the Merry-Go-Round for one last spin...

Then it was home for us...a long day (oh yes I was tired) but so worth it and amazing!! :)

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