Sangria, an Awards Ceremony, & some Horror Night action!

So, first and foremost, I am a little behind on my blogging...so here is a mini attempt at catching up!!

My sis, Cheri, decided to throw me a "suprise" end of my job at the AVP a couple of weeks ago. It was held at Sangria (my fave Southbay place). And even though the weather was a bit nasty, it was an amazing night..Thanks lil sis!

Next up was the AVP awards ceremony at the Beverly Hills Hilton. I love getting dolled up for this event. And I also love seeing everyone decked out! From the sand to the glam!

The next night a group of us headed to Universal Studios for the Hollywood Horror Nights. SO MUCH FUN! I think the best part was our eclectic group! From my sis, to my HS friend Michelle, to my AVP Co-worker Lindy, to the Treanors, to Ivy & Guy to Butch May, and a couple of others! So much fun!! And Universal is doing a great job in bringing the scare back into amusement parks! And if you go next year, let me tell you to get the front of the line passes! SO WORTH IT!! But anyways, back to the night...We started off on the Terror Tram which led you to the Bates Motel, psycho house, and the War of the Worlds set on the backlot. It was an outdoor maze with horror movies to boot!

From there we went to the lower lot to ride the Mummy, Jurassic Park, and go through the Leatherface maze. First up, the Mummy (my fave rollercoaster). Always a fun ride...but the best part was watching a dead mummy come to life and scare the crap out of my sis, Cheri. Hilarious!! From there we went on Jurassic Park...which is always fun (and different inthe dark). We headed to the Leatherface maze (which was a Chainsaw massacre set)...and Universal knows how to use things to trick you in to believing you have blood on you,etc....FREAKING SCARY! I so hate chainsaws too!!

After that we headed back up to watch the Bill & Ted's Halloween Adventure and then over to the Nightmare on Elm Street maze. FREDDY!! Then, just when you thought you were through with the maze a random freddy jumps out to scare you. This happened to Ashley as we were exiting. Another Hilarious moment!! She practically jumped into Guy's arms.

We then headed to Friday the 13th maze. Gotta luv Jason Voorhies!! Or his mom? Hahaha. Anyways, the best laugh of the night came from Matt Treanor. When we were walking out, he was talking and someone jumped out of a shed and scared the bejesus out of him. I was right in front of him and could feel the guy take a "swing" with the blade at him!! His blood curdling scream was AWESOME!!

After that we walked through the old London set so that I could see the "vampires"! I am weird, I know!! We also headed into the T2 attraction and then into the House of Horrors maze.

A definite good time with great friends!! So next up is the Turks blog!!

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