Mid Week Turks action

So when you are at an exotic place for over 7 days, things start to blur together!! So I have decided to do 3 blogs about the turks...Day one you have seen, this one will be next, and My snorkling day/White night will be last...hahaha.

So the Sunday, Oct 28th was the start of the week for everyone. No "official" training started that day, but we were introduced to everyone and had some free play. This was also the day that we realized that a Tropical system (named Noel) could roll through the area. And apparently, the island where we were situated on never had a direct hit from a hurricane. So, needless to say, the weather started turning a tad bit grey. But the ironic thing about it being grey in the sky, is that the water was still absolutely breathtaking. I have never seen anything like that!

After the open play we headed back to get ready for the night's theme. At club Med they do themed nights...the first being Jersey night. And this night was the ony night that I did not "officially" dress up. But it was awesome to see everyone supporting their fave pro teams!! Also, this was the night that Paige, JB, & Albert did the log pillow challenge, along with Ang, Al-b, Tbone, and Renee doing the singing challenge, AND Angela and Anthony doing the balloon race...the funniest thing I have ever seen in a while!

Monday brought the start of the King/Queen of the beach tournament, the start of our afternoon clinics, and gusty/rainy conditions. I did play in the Queen tourney, but can honestly say not only am I WAY out of shape, but my knee REALLY needs to be scoped. So between the fatique and pain, I was WAY frustrated. The 5 other girls in my pool were a fun group (and ironically, besides the girl who we all felt was the "best" non pro there, we had the strongest pool).

After the day's play we headed back to get ready for Tropical night. Before we got ready I went to watch Amy do the trapeze...and right when she got up there to start swinging, can we say downpour? At least she tried! Now, I did dress up for this one. And thanks to Amy I had some cute flowers to go with the outfit. This was the night that we did the Roshambo shot game which turned into the finger up or down shot game. AND I WAS VERY HAPPY THAT I ONLY ENDED UP WITH ONE SHOT....unlike poor Katie who mist have had 5-6 shots from that game alone! And the shots, btw, were AWFUL. Hahahaa. Ahhh....the memories! Oh...and can we just talk about the flip cup madness that night! So funny to watch!

Tues brought the end of the tourney action and more afternoon clinics. Even though I made it out of my pool, I opted to not play. My knee was just painful to play on at that time, so I watched :)! I also was able to get the videocamera to start videotaping the clinics...A MAJOR WORK IN PROGRESS. Hahahaha. And after the finish of the afternoon we headed back to get ready for "dress down" night...an easy night to get ready for! Hahaha! But after that we headed back to the courts for some ACE action. I wanted to play but knew I couldn't....so I settled for camera action!! Hahaha!

Wed was suppose to be a better day, BUT with the stalling of Tropical Storm Noel it turned out to be windy and grey. Very little rain though, so that was good! I also directed the doubles tourney (thanks to Renee and Tbone for the help the night before), which was different. Bascially I had to find a balance of the vacation element AND a true tournament element for this. And yet again I was winging things...hahaha. But for the most part it ran really smooth!!

And of course, after the clinics we headed back to get ready for Halloween! So yes, I was officially trying to be Britney Spears (and should have asked my sis for her cowboy boots but didn't). Now I know I should have brought attachable babies too. But to be frankly honest, Halloween is not a holiday I usually go overboard on...so I was happy with what I did. And it was way fun to see everyone else in their costumes!! Straight classic!!

Thurs was the last day of the doubles tournament...which turned out to be very interesting. All it took was 2 people to screw the entire experience up. People seriously need to get over themselves when they screwed up and did not follow instruction....enough said. Besides that the day was good. The weather was trying to get better too...we did have a couple peeks of sun!

That night was the conch shack dinner, dress to impress night, and the vb hardcore exhibition...another thing I opted out of due to my knees. The Conch was gorgeous and fun as usual. Can we talk about the rum punch?! Pure Yummo! Hahaha! It was also fun to watch everyone play 6's again...something beach players rarely do!

And before I forget I need to give props to Ken Delgado for all the photos he took this past week!! Thanks Ken!! And Nina...u rock :)! Let me rephrase that and say thanks Ken & Nina! To view ken's website go to kendelgado.com!

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