Turks....Day One

So I have officially been to the Caribbean!! I have been blessed in the fact that I have been to most of the US (including Hawaii...Maine and Alaska are two places on my "to visit" list still though), about 6 different Mexican cities, and British Columbia...but have never been anywhere else! And now that I am with VBV, well, I got to hit my first isla in the Caribbean. Next up is the Cayman Islands....so pumped for that one in Jan!

Anyways, we arrived into the Turks & Caicos on Oct 26th at night...so in my opinion, that was not the first day :). When I woke up and walked outside, all I could think about was a line from Meg Ryan's character in French Kiss... "OHH!! Beautiful! Wish you were here!" And let me tell you...you need to go to see this place...of course with a tropical system near by would be the best time, but that is another blog yet to come! Hahaha!

Ok, so anyways, we (my friend Amy and me) went to eat and then hit the beach so that we could set up the 9 nets for the next week (an let me tell you about those wonderful nets and customs....BLAAAAAAAAA is how I felt about getting them through customs). With the wind and 10 of us trying to get the systems up...can we say a hilarious morning?

From there we headed over to Jon's house. He is the Minister of Tourism for the country, btw. And can we say AMAZING HOUSE!! I think we all felt like children in a candy store when we got into the house. It was that awesome. The views were amazing, to say the least. All the views that is!

We had a brief meeting before we headed over to Jon's restaurant, The Conch Shack (da conch shack unofficially). Most people took the cars to the "shack", but Amy, Aaron (aka Talent), his girlfriend Katie (his new fiance), and me swam most of the way there. Talk about an amazing experience! How many times to you get to swim to your food...in the Turks and Caicos Islands?! And once we got there we got to see how they caught, 'deshelled', and pulled the pistol (for the infamous pistol shot) from these beauiful shelled creatures! And yes, for those who know how much I despise seafood...I tried some conch ceviche, fritters, and raw conch. It was "ok"....:)! Also at the conch shack was the infamous Rum punch...can we say YUMMO?! Hahaha!

After that we headed back to Jon's for some more down time, but this time a bigger group walked the beach back to the house. We got some jacuzzi and naptime for the next few hours and then headed back to Club Med Turkoise (our fabulous host resort for the week).

One we were there we ate and then danced for god knows how many hours! Hahaha! But not only on the floor or stage, but in the pool :). And of course we had to venture into the ocean for a few pics....all and all I can say it was a bunch of good times...

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