So Proud of the Goldies

photo by ken delgado

This shot was taken at the Huntington Beach AVP when I took the Goldies over to a few courts to watch the pro's practice. This court had Angela Lewis (a Mizuno coach too) and Priscilla Lima practicing on it. After that shot was taken we ventured over to watch EY, Nicole, and Liz practice. What was WAY cool was they stopped and sad hi to my girls (in the middle of practice AND after I made sure the girls were quiet and just watched). And that is the AVP stars for you. LOVE IT.

Anyways, can I just gush for a moment? So this past weekend we (12-Gold) played in our last mandatory of the season (we have one more tourney left...sniff sniff)and I can honestly say that I have never been so PROUD of a team's accomplishment (and for all my former player's...I enjoyed coaching y'all too)! My 12 year old's overcame a HUGE mental (not physical) challenge in the last match of the day. We only had 7 players (since 2 called that morning and were sick) for the day. To get a 12's team to overcome anything is a feat in itself...so this was AWESOME for me to watch play out. And as a result, we won our pool and WOULD have moved into division 4 (my initial goal for the season) if we had another mandatory scheduled. :) So Proud....

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